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Engine overheating repair and service

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Engine Overheats:

  • Low coolant level
  • Faulty Water Pump
  • Leak in the coolant system
  • Failing Thermostat
  • Damaged Radiator Hose

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How do I know my engine is overheating?

Typically if your engine is overheating your car will tell you through displaying a warning on your dashboard along with an audible alert. Some other signs that your engine might be overheating would be if you see steam under the hood, smell gas, or notice a reduction in power. Although your car should warn you sometimes that does not happen so always keep an eye out for any unusual signs or smells. If you notice any of these signs, turn your AC off, pull over, and shut off the engine.

What do I do if my engine is overheating?

The most important thing to do if your engine overheats is turn off your AC, pull over and shut off the engine. Using the AC causes adds pressure on the system which increases its heat load. An overheated engine can be extremely dangerous and can leave last effects on your car if not treated correctly. If the engine does not cool down after pulling over and shut it off then you need to schedule a maintenance appointment immediately. A couple of things you should not do if your engine is overheating are:

  • Do not remove your radiator cap
  • Do not pour cold water into or on top of the engine
  • Do not use your AC
  • Do not continue to drive or leave the engine running
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